Katana Edge Banding Router Bits

slide-out plan tray that sandwiches between tool chests

Tools for home

Universal Wall Cabinet Woodworking Plan, Shop Project Plan | WOOD Store

Pat Hawley's router arm

Pantorouter plans

Fluting Jig Woodworking Plan, Shop Project Plan | WOOD Store

Customized foam insert for tool organization

Now THAT'S a workbench!!

router lathe.

Free Woodworking Jig Plans jigs for the shop

How to Build a Table Saw Dovetail Joint Sled Jig - Free Woodworking Plans.

rabbeted dovetail - cool joint

My DIY Bandsaw - 4th Shopmade Woodworking Tool #3: Making the Wooden Frame and Some Design modifications - by Armand @ ~ woodworking community

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A DIY Router copier out of scraps.

Mini Router Table

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$200 Roubo split top bench

The Ultimate tool stand The center section can be switched out to accommodate a planner, a router table, a chop saw, and used as an output table for a table saw if built to the height of your table saw...and is mobile with onboard wiring! The next project for my garage workshop...with a few tweaks!