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    Womens Health .gov Heart attack warning signs

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    Heart Attack Signs in Women look how long it took before the medical profession realized that women and men are not always so alike when it comes to common heart attack symptoms

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    Smart Health Talk Most Important 4 Life: Heart Disease #1 Killer of Women! Men too. All research had been exclusive on men until figured out maybe women might be different. Found out women did not necessarily have same symptoms as men. Why we need to familiarize ourselves with what they are for WOMEN. -- Same symptoms of anxiety attack! !!

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The Woman’s Heart Attack - EXCELLENT info about heart attack symptoms in women, and how they differ from what you probably think...

KNOW THE SIGNS: Heart attack symptoms in women are different than men. A National Institutes of Health study showed almost half of women who recently had a heart attack had insomnia before the attack.

Signs of a Heart Attack--Men and women may differ in their experience of heart attack symptoms, as women are more likely to have unusual or "atypical" signs of a heart attack. Some of these may come and go before a heart attack occurs.

Heart attacks symptoms are different for women. Everyone should know these things.

Heart attack symptoms in women are likely to be different than those experienced by men. Women have common symptoms of pain or pressure in the chest, but several less obvious symptoms.

Heart Attack Symptoms in Women Infographic

Heart Attack Symptoms for Women ~ the symptoms are different from men's. Some of these discomforts we think we can just deal with and they'll pass. It's a heart attack!!! Get help!

Heart Attack symptoms can vary from Men to Women. They may be sudden & intense or subtle & mild. Call 911 or go to your nearest ER if you experience any of these symptoms!! HealthandWellness...