Not necessarily Cross-stitch, but you could use a cross stitch again. I always find rackets at my vv.

I totally want to do this with one of Brea's old tennis rackets ... but a different shape. :)


silhouette wall art

Heart strings.

elbow patch

These are a cute idea for displaying merchandise. I have seen them used at trade shows to display note cards.

Gold Leaf Honey Bears


Such a great idea. How To: Cross Stitch Chair ▽▼▽ There iMight have to do this to spruce up my kitchen chairs. s something so satisfying about finding a discarded object, giving it some special attention and turning it into something covetable.

elbow patches


Cute DIY Camp Activity- Heart Made from twigs!! #camp #crafts

tennis ball hanger

::Paper Airplane Embroidery

DIY Casalguidi Stitch – or Really Raised Stem Stitch!

DIY tutorial: Cross Stitch Heart Sweater

heart art for my studio - quite fitting


feather wall decoration