Steps and mist

Piano Tree, Monterey, California photo via aday


Blue mist || Ruud van Putten

My dream house, it would be in a giant redwood or a sequoia though. And have many floors going up the tree, with a door on the top floor that leads to a spiral staircase that winds around the tree and ends up at a deck on the tree top. That would be so dang epic.

"Autumn Solitude" by Graham Gercken | Redbubble


saphire road

Afterburn, Torridon - Fire damaged Pine trees below Liathach (by Richard Childs)

perfect day to button up in warm clothes and sit on a bench drinking hot chocolate/coffee while looking at a winter wonderland.

fairytale stairs


IF we could only wait for the beauty till the mist lifts....maybe the beauty is in seeing the mist.

Majestic Oaks, Audubon Park

castle steps in mist

tree shaping

✯ Green Path

Tree Man

✯ Footpath to Halnaker Mill, West Sussex.

Mystical forest