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If there was one thing in the entire world that you could be/have, what would it be? A unicorn. We know your answer already. Enjoy our Badass Unicorn Memes.

I <3 Lucy

And this is why I Love Lucy. LUCY - She didn't use fart jokes, sex jokes or random pop culture references in her show and she's still remembered as one of the funniest women on earth.

I totally did this! It was hard choosing only one to go on trips with because my mom wouldn't let me bring them all on our trip!!!

This was me inthe bed piled up with 20 stuffed animals so none of them would get their feelings hurt. The only difference now is instead of stuffed animals I have 7 dogs piled on me.

Way to tell it like it is!

A Funny Mom Quotes --> truth. definitely okay to cry over spilled breastmilk

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However, I still ring doorbells. I text to say I'm on my way but then I still ring the doorbell or knock.

....pshh, every girls dream is to eat without getting fat

every guy thinks every girls' dream is to find the perfect guy. pshh, every girls' dream is to eat without getting fat: SO TRUE!


Tonight my husband and I went to Newks. I look over at him and a mosquito is sucking his left cheek. I tenderly with love slap his face. I say mosquito because it really was! I so thought of this quote!

Yup lol

Every time. Netflix is my frienemy. Walking Dead is my addiction.

I'm shy at first

I’m shy at first but… I do the stupidest random shit when I get comfortable with someone.

so true- also where I get ideas and keep a notebook by my bed for that purpose!

yep, i should keep a pad and pen next to my bed so i can remember it in the morning


Funny and relatable moments in life that makes you go lol so true. Come have a laugh or submit your lolsotrue moment.


Chocolate doesn't ask silly questions chocolate understands. I could use some chocolate right now.