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She is planning and whether it be for your good or your ill will not be known until after she makes it so.

Tribal Spirit-

Warrior Princess in Training

Marco Glaviano

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tribal makeup

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This photo is not my creation. These are examples collected for inspiration for my own work. All rights belong to the original artist.

Glow in the dark face paint trinity ball

Mercy Thompson sketch by Dan Dos Santos.

Woman Warrior of the feuding Terraformed Mars colonies... everyone must protect their tribe.

The wild strength of fae youth.


Tribal Colourfornication

Arduinna is the Gaulish Goddess of the Forest. The region of Western Europe known as the Ardennes shares her name, and was where her worship originated. Arduinna rode a wild boar through the forests, exacting a fine for animals killed there. When the Romans came to Gaul, she was associated with Diana, another forest Goddess. Arduinna’s name, which means “height,” is also seen as Ardwinna.

the wild queen

Elva / Eurasia. Makeup by Ande Yung, Hairpiece by Peacock Blue, additional hairstyling by Bill Schrlau.

Hlín (pronounced LEAN) is the Norse Goddess of Consolation. She is one of Frigg’s handmaidens, and Frigg sends her to protect those whom she wants kept safe. Hlín also comforts mourners and kisses away their tears. She listens to prayers to Frigg, relaying the wishes of worshippers and advising on their fulfillment. Hlín’s name, which means “protector” or “shelterer,” is also seen as Hlyn or Lin.