DIY Splash Pad In Your Backyard + Other Awesome Water Projects

Opt for a splash pad instead of a pool. | 32 Cheap And Easy Backyard Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

Backyard Home Splash Pad!!

Lazy river in the backyard

Build your own splash-pad in your backyard with this kit! 6-nozzle-splash-pad-kit

Waterproof your patio furniture cushions and pillows from surprise afternoon showers. I am going to do this! I totally hate when we get a surprise spring shower in the afternoon while I'm at work and the patio cushions are out, then we can;t enjoy the backyard in the evenings!

His Idea For A Backyard Seems Crazy At First. But After Seeing The Result? Absolutely Genius.... (VISIT WEBSITE!) cool-pool-project-rocks-filled-water

Disappearing water pool - this is SO cool!

This is freaking amazing!!!! A hidden pool! You must watch the video of how it works. This could be the perfect idea for backyard!! ----- Water safety at its best for kiddos! (as long as u remember to raise it back up after each swim!)

Love these pavers, trying to locate local vender now

The JAG BBQ Grill Table - They have a simpler 6-person version that just has the center common grill area. Have to figure out how to make this. In the meantime - gonna use my firepit table! Never thought of that!

Backyard Kitchen Love,love,love this:)

platform deck. I think i can do this myself! for my summer project!

Totally thrilled with this pinterest inspired project. As are all the neighbors :-)

diy-splash-pad-kits. have a splash pad in your own back yard.

DIY Teepee for Kids - 10 DIY Backyard Ideas On a Budget for Summer | NewNist

love this water feature for kids

Awesome out door play yard

backyard could go this in your backyard :)