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  • Jamie Ro

    Jacques Guillaume Lucien Amans (French-born Louisiana artist, 1801–1888) Creole in a Red Turban

  • Malana Rideaux

    Creole woman in Red Turban. New Orleans, LA late 1800's

  • Leslie Rieth

    Creole in a Red Turban, ca. 1840, oil on canvas by Jacques Guillaume Lucien Amans; The Historic New Orleans Collection,

  • Pera Palace

    Jacques Guillaume Lucien Amans (1801 – 1888)

  • Ashia Cannon

    Jacques Aman Creole in a Red Turban,ca.1840 oil on canvas Historic New Orleans Collection New, Orleans La, United States Even though this woman has very prominent Creole features her African American descent also stands out. Instead of being represented as a socialite like other Creole portraits she is represented as an African American. Hence, the red turban she is wearing.

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