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    Tutorial - Metal Clay Jewelry without a Kiln.

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    metal clay tools & setup

    CAN'T STOP MAKING THINGS: Faux Enamel Jewelry using embossing powder


    How to make Clay Tools. The economic way! Easy to make many tools at home using everyday objects that can be turned from their real use into a great clay tool.

    Tutorials on Metal Clay. Jewelry anyone?

    Tips and tricks for using precious metal clay (PMC) for jewelry making

    I have been fascinated by metal clay since it was introduced. I am loving it all over again since seeing it on your board.

    Clay Charms

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    A simple tutorial for making polymer clay beads that look like kiln-fired ceramics.

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    Make your own jewelry. Super easy Metal Clay DIY - use a stamp to create your design, fire with a torch for 2 minutes, brush and done!

    Metal Clay Artist Magazine's Easy trick to rolling out clean bezel wire out of metal clay by Wanaree

    Clay pendants