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Webster Wagner Mansion in Palatine Bridge, NY Built in 1876 for Webster Wagner, the inventor of the sleeping car for trains. Fate was unkind - Mr. Wagner died shortly after the house was completed in an unfortunate train accident.

McPike Mansion was built in 1869 by Henry McPike who was the mayor. It has been abandoned since the 50's. It is being slowly restored by the owners. This house is famous for being haunted with up to 11 ghosts. Its been on several T.V. shows and been investigated by numerous paranormal groups who have found the hauntings to be authentic.

York,Pennsylvania Abandoned Victorian. 956 Linden Avenue, . This house was recently abandoned after the last owner died without a will.

1 Overlook Lane, Little Falls, NY, 13365. Queen Anne Romanesque Revival High Victorian style. Built late 1880s by inventor & gentleman farmer David H. Burrell, this property, known as “Overlook,” is an architectural gem worthy of preservation. It is currently sitting unused and abandoned. Designed by architect Archimedes Russell of Syracuse, NY, the 26 room limestone mansion is situated on the hillside, mainly on terraced acreage, above the city.

Abandoned Mansion The Redman-Hirahira House in Watsonville was built by local architect,William Weeks in 1897 for James Redman, a sugar-beets farmer. In the 1930's, a Japanese-American family, the Hirahira's, bought the house and the farmland surrounding it. During WWII, the Hirahira family vacated the house and lands when they were forcibly re-located to Manzanar detention camp. As many as 10 percent of the population of Watsonville were bused to various internement camps during…

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Someone Bought That House From "American Horror Story" For A REALLY Good Bargain

The Rosenheim Mansion is located at 1120 Westchester Place in Country Club Park, California. Tons of shows have been filmed there. It just sold in March for 3.2 mil.

"Hatchet" Harry Flavel's House This home is falling into ruin because the Flavel descendants refuse to sell it, despite many interested buyers. Mr. Flavel stabbed someone here in the 80's and became a fugitive from the law, leaving it abandoned forever.