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Diastasis Recti: Exercises to Reduce Post Pregnancy Abdominal Muscle Separation, via YouTube.

Healing Diastasis Recti | Hiit Blog - separation of abdominal muscles

Exercises To Tone The Mommy Tummy -- These exercises are especially helpful for healing diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles) after pregnancy.

Exercises for separated abdominal muscles. This is called diastasis recti and typically occurs during pregnancy. While a slight separation is normal, too much of one can weaken your abdominal muscles and prevent you from getting a flat stomach

Loosing baby weight through healthy eating and exercise.

The Zen Kegel (healing Diastasis Recti) This most often happens from pregnancy and crunches or sit ups make it worse.

Exercises to Help Flatten Your Stomach & Close/Repair a Diastasis Recti/Abdominal Split Separation

Healing your "mummy tummy" :-) Diastasis Recti: how to heal from having kids and get your abs back together. You actually get a separation between your abdominal muscles which will constantly cause the "pooch" and crunches could actually worsen the gap. There are exercises here that will help to strengthen your core and make that gap smaller.

YouTube video - Yoga For Diastasis Recti (how to help heal and tone your abdominal muscles after the birth of a baby)

How to repair separated ab muscles (i.e. diastasis recti) after pregnancy. I wish I'd known this sooner. I didn't realize doing regular ab work outs with the separated muscles may have actually been making them worse. I'll be starting this right away!