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Awesome video game illustrations by Canadian illustrator Ian Wilding.

Awesome Video Game Illustrations by Ian Wilding

By Kevin M Wilson

my officially licensed print inspired by Back to the Future for New York Comic Con. 6 colour screen print, SOLD OUT


Laz Marquez: 2001 A Space Oddessy - One of the books I feel I still need to digest after finishing it a month ago.

"12 April — the day of cosmonautics" - Fekljaev V. N.  Love the rainbow design...soviet the internet trendsetters

12 April Cosmonauts Day, ca. Despite censorship, new trends managed to reach Soviet artists. Here we can see the influence of Andy Warhol and a palette derived from style and early Beatles record covers.

Japanese Poster: Kengo Kuma Talk show. Daigo Daikoku. 2013

Japanese Poster: Kengo Kuma Talk show. Daigo Daikoku. 2013

- Kengo Kuma Talk Show poster by Daikoku Design Institute. I chose this poster because I like the simplicity of the design and how the bottom text is staggered instead of right or left aligned.

https://flic.kr/p/7E9B1Z | Modern Architecture | A series of unreleased books from the late sixties and early seventies: "Modern Architecture". By The Infamous Press.  Photo by Morten Iveland via flickr.

book took a bite Book cover One of my favorite poetry books. architecture book from infamous press: vintage book cover