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GET OUT OF THE WAY, let HIM. You've prayed, HE heard you and has the answer manifestation ready but you keep picking the problem back up. Trust HIM by leaving it in HIS hands and see the goodness of GOD in the land of the living in your everyday life.

It is not our right to question His plan. Be humble and have faith. For He is good, and so are his plans.

17 Characteristics of a Codependent

Having faith that Gods plan for you is far beyond your imagination. May you feel the burdens lifted and your way illuminated with the light of His leading.❤️ (scheduled via

My mother in law just reminded me that you can't help the unsaved, all you can do is pray for them, so that's what I will continue to do. Thank you Jaimee for keeping me in the loop of what she is doing again. I guess there's no escape.