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Purple Rose Close-up #PrettyFlowerPictures #PicturesOfPrettyFlowers

Leaf and water droplets art. Something like this, massive!

Frosted blueberries in blue-grey Pewter Grey.

Love this photo, it almost takes my breath away, it's wierd. We say that, "You are the colours you choose." I want to learn about Aura-Soma, a system of color and light therapy based on a variety of ancient wisdom traditions, as well as current research in quantum physics and vibrational therapies.

Blue + Calm Lake + Morning Dew + Mist + Row Boats

Pink water lily lotus w orange stamen reflecting in the rippling pond water. Lovely peaceful scene of reflections. - RESEARCH DdO:) MOST POPULAR RE-PINS - - DiDO REFLECTIONS. Notice how flower portrait's petals are almost translucent, showing light through their delicate white tips. French Impressionist artist Claude Monet (1840–1926) loved this aquatic plant that hides fishes & frogs so much he did over 250 paintings with them…