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Spring Heeled Jack: London, January 1838: A figure with pointed ears, red eyes, wearing a cloak and boots with springs in his heels and a white oily tight outfit, with a matching helmet terrified Londoners and even threw a prostitute off a bridge in front of a large crowd and then jumped away over buildings and high walls, much to high for any human. Sightings declined in 1904 and then reappeared in 1953.

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7 Creepy Hotels to Ensure a Happy Haunted Halloween

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta, Canada -haunted by Sam the bellman, who retired in 1967 and said he'd be back - has been sighted carrying bags and guests report he has helped them find their rooms - a ghostly bride has been seen by many employees & guests; she perished falling to her death on a staircase during her wedding and has never left

Pre-mortem photo? Another Victorian habit: Your child contracts a fever, or you have reason to think an injury or illness may lead to death, you whisk the child off to a photographer. Yep, it happened and they were called Pre-mortem photos. Why suppose that is the case here? The inscription on the back of this tintype has the age and date of death. 3 years old. Which is what she looks like in this photo.