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Incense symbolizes purification & sanctification, the prayers of the faithful drifting up to heaven, and the ambiance of heaven as Revelation describes: “Another angel came in holding a censer of gold. He took his place at the altar of incense and was given large amounts of incense to deposit on the altar of gold in front of the throne, together with the prayers of all God’s holy ones. From the angel’s hand, the smoke of the incense went up before God, and with it the prayers of God's…

“If you think you’re going into an empty church, there’s no such thing. If Jesus is there, there are thousands of angels there in Adoration.” Dr. Mark Miravalle, professor of Mariology at Franciscan University of Steubenville

When you awake in the night, transport yourself quickly in spirit before the Tabernacle, saying: ‘Behold, my God, I come to adore You, to praise, thank, and love you, and to keep you company with all the Angels,’ ” - St. John Vianney

Spring Heeled Jack: London, January 1838: A figure with pointed ears, red eyes, wearing a cloak and boots with springs in his heels and a white oily tight outfit, with a matching helmet terrified Londoners and even threw a prostitute off a bridge in front of a large crowd and then jumped away over buildings and high walls, much to high for any human. Sightings declined in 1904 and then reappeared in 1953.

“A woman mourns for her husband in a Chapel of Rest, standing by his body which is wrapped in sheets and laden with flowers. Con-man and so-called pioneer of “spirit photography” William Hope made a tidy sum with his corny pictures of ghosts photo-bombing loved ones’ portraits.

Woman and Baby with Ghost(s) Can you explain what that is over the baby seat? I cannot make it out. Miniature storm cloud? Horrible udder-shaped balloon?

This photo of Rosalia Lombardo was taken in 1984. Why is that interesting? She was the last person buried in the catacombs of the Capuchin Monastery 64 years before this photo was taken, in 1920.

???Nov. 16, 1968. Robert A. Ferguson was giving a speech at a Spiritualist convention in Los Angeles. The image beside him was identified as his long-deceased brother, Walter.

The graves of the Titanic dead Most of the gravestones identical, with the name and identification number of the victim, and the identical date of death, 15 April 1912. There are over 300 graves in Halifax, most in this cemetery, and also some in the Roman Catholic and Jewish cemeteries.

ghost Baby...It is hard for me to believe that God would leave babies and kids on this earth w/o taking them to heaven. I believe in Ghosts but why is there kids and babies still here??? anyone else wonder that besides me and ALL the ghost hunters that have shows. The ALL wonder why as well.