I've lived my entire life south of the Mason-Dixon Line - Maryland, Georgia and Tennessee. TRUE G.R.I.T! Southern traditions to keep alive.


The Ladies Social Circle #bealady (I am in no way Southern, but I do like this.)

Here in the South we don't hide crazy... We parade it on the front porch and give it a sweet tea



Southern traditions

Live Fearless

I will have this hanging on the wall of my home someday.

Southern Girls


The South.

Miss my grandparents and their Georgia farmhouse with the porch, a swing and the old screen door that slammed. With my grandmama humming old hymns and granddaddy playing the harmonica, the hectic pace of life slowed. This was old southern stress relief and I miss it!


A.S.A.P ~ As Southern As Possible

Being southern

you guessed it...i'm a G.R.I.T.S. and proud of it....oh and for those who don't know, that means Girl Raised In The South!! ;)

South of the Mason-Dixon.

I need this for my office!

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