Another Cristiana Couceiro print layout. I would want to go bolder with the color if I were experimenting with this concept.

New Collage Work by Cristiana Couceiro

cristiana couceiro

OSESP poster

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black and white series

Brittique poster designs on the Behance Network


Russian Constructivism Poster by Dog on Fire, via Flickr

design, colors, typography

New Collage Work by Cristiana Couceiro

Poster in Posters & Covers

Cristiana Couceiro

dominik bubel - typo/graphic posters

Poster Design by Cristiana Couceiro

Found by Megha Pal

Graphic Design / Poster Inspiration / Poster design for the opening of "pizzeria biga"

Cristiana Couceiro illustration.

123 years..

Foil-pressed on a 100-year-old press, these recycled chipboard posters walk you through which wildflowers are fresh every single month of the year!

Iconic silhouette broken into individual pics/Mondrion-ized