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True. I 💗 Doctor Who.

The only sure way to tell is to drive faster and see if time slows down? (74) Doctor Who - Google+

You know, this picture is really perfect. The Doctor is immediately interested in who Sherlock is. Sherlock is trying to deduce him, but having some trouble, given he is an alien and all. Clara is waving to John, trying to be friendly, and of course John picked out the girl of the group to pay attention to.

Oh, but this is brilliant. "Look at your hair!" Doctor Who Unreleased Scene from The Eleventh Hour and Beast Below - Bridging the two || And it explains why the TARDIS always disguises itself as a 1963 Police Telephone Box... well, sort of...

this is the best

This is the part that got me. Amy doesn't call her River. She calls her Melody and tells her to be a good girl. The only time River is treated like a little girl.

River Song

will always be my favorite james bond movie

Doctor Who

Doctor Who #quote. Do you believe in #Miracles?<--and now I'm crying cause all I can think about is supernatural season 9 finale!

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Lol. Fabulous.

Some of the 11th Doctor's quotes.

My Doctor

Time is easier to think of as a time line for each person. Events may chronologically go in one order, but for other people, the time in which the event happens in their life is different than the history timeline. You have your own timeline(;

There's a Doctor Who quote for everything.

I so do...