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    link has extensive/detailed info about how to care for/amend lawn. good resource!

    Epson Salt & Lawn Care. For every 100 square feet of lawn, the Dirty Doctor recommends applying half a pound of Epsom salts over the lawn using the spreader. Alternately, combine 1 ounce of Epsom salts with a gallon of water, blend thoroughly, and use a mister to treat the lawn with the mixture. Awesome natural fertilizer!

    Spring: Aerate - 22 Year-Round Lawn Care Tips on HGTV

    Lawn Alternatives - Hardy flowers you can walk and play on, awesome!

    Best explanation I've seen for lawn care and choking out weeds.

    Youre Welcome Wednesday: GREEN Lawn Care for CHEAP! The secret of using sugar on your lawn.

    Fantastic page for ALL lawns, but especially for lawns in bad shape. Organic Lawn Care For the Cheap and Lazy - best information ever

    Organic Lawn Care For the Cheap and Lazy. Love this article...TONS of great tips

    Pruning Shears - Sharpen and Clean GREAT GARDENING INFO.

    weed identification guide...

    Lawn-Care Timeline | Lawn Care | Yard & Garden | This Old House

    Secret Lawn Tonic Recipe From Golf Course Groundskeeper - Updated

    Heavily newspaper your garden beds before you put down mulch. Weeds cannot grow through the newspaper, and the decomposing paper feeds your soil. Best gardening tip I ever got!

    Alternatives to lawn.

    pvc garden watering system...would be great for a garden. Just plant different things in each square of the grid.

    Lawn Care: How to Repair a Lawn Don't give up on your lawn until you try this. Grow lush grass, even if your lawn looks worn out and unhealthy. By using a combination of soil additives, fertilizers, and tender, loving care, you can change your lawn from scraggly to golf-course green in one season. -Overview -Spring care -Late spring, early summer -Mid to late summer -Fall care

    Vertical growing allows almost any gardener to find a space for melons. There are many advantages of going vertical with your melon vines. Space is the most obvious. What may have engulfed a 10 to 20 foot wide swath through the garden can be trellised to take up no more than a 3 foot wide "footprint" of garden space.

    The Top 3 Rules for Tree Care (from the bloggers at Gardener's Supply)

    Prevent Grass and Weeds From Growing in Cracks. Cc- small amount of gas works for 5-6 months for ME. juss saying.