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  • Kaya Truax

    Aww... #doctorwho #weepingangel

  • SadBettie Minx

    Adolfo Apolloni's beautiful bronze sculpture located at the Staglieno Cemetery in Genoa. The statue lying on the steps, placing a last flower on the grave, is the personification of Sorrow. I love it. Obviously.

  • lucy smith

    what if? weeping blue angel.

  • Devi Fablekatze

    “What if a weeping angel fell in love with a human, but she could never touch or talk to him, and just followed him around all day. And then, just once, she followed too close, and accidentally touched him, and this was the result.” Beautiful. << IS THAT WHY SOME GRAVE STONES HAVE ANGEL STATUES!!!!? Did whovians just figure out the answer to something, again? <--- yes.

  • Ashley Hurd

    Weeping angel sadness… (beautiful sculpture)

  • Randy Matamoros

    Weeping angel art

  • Corinna Haller

    Cemetery Angel Statue

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