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How to Work the Scroll Stitch

Learn to work the Scroll Stitch. This beautiful surface embroidery stitch is worked by looping the thread under the needle as you stitch, creating a scroll-like effect.


All About Embroidery Needles – Types, Storage & Resources

Do you have questions about embroidery needles? What needles do what? How to organize them? Here's a list of articles for information, resources, and organization ideas for your embroidery needles!


How to Set Up an Embroidery Hoop

How to prepare and use an embroidery hoop, with a linked piece on how to select embroidery hoops (from Needle 'n' Thread)

Woah! Silk ribbon embroidery tulips demonstrated - exquisite!!!! Would be esp. pretty done in over-dyed silk ribbon!


Thread Talk! Sizing Up Cotton Threads

Wednesday, February 5, 2014 Thread Talk! Sizing Up Cotton Threads


The Needle You Need!

Ever wonder why the embroidery thread you're using frays, shreds, and breaks? Sometimes, switching needles will help! The chenille needle is a needle you need! Click through to find out what a chenille needle is, and why it's good to have some on hand!

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Ombre Embroidery Sampler Tutorial

Some stitches here I've never even heard of/seen... must try! Plus, the ombre effect is stunning.

Mary Corbett's needle and thread is best site for videos on how to embroidery stitches from basic to expert www.needlenthread...