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    Some may say this vodka bottle's label is too cluttered, but I personally love the look!

    Organic Valley Milk - Lisa Ellerin, Alicia Prentice, Olivia Duval, Chris Yoon, Amy Ross, Blake Sanders

    "Beefeater London Dry gin brand celebrates the 2011 holiday season with a limited edition carton to support the global off-trade sector PD

    A group of students who had recently left BrobyGrafiska shows how, as a school assignment, they can change Gillette's way of speaking to its conscious audience.

    If you bought a bottle of wine, took off all the labels, and personally designed it with scrap booking materials to look similar to this, it would make a really cute gift! - Forget I said that before your birthday...

    'Just like good wines taste of much more than grapes, good ciders taste of much more than apples.' Find out how Austin Eastciders create their vintage cider and learn how the drink's history inspires the bottle design/ branding. +Interview

    beautiful pinks, reds, and golds. plus the whole composition is lovely.

    clever soup packaging for Nusa | Designed by Thirdperson |

    Pietro Gala This is just one of several great pasta packaging that has universal appeal. PD

    Milla Confession- Childhood mischiefs are usually cute, and almost always forgivable. So, Fess up! This interesting concept of connecting childhood confessions and Milk is clever, cute and lets face it, you know you want to read more.

    San Francisco based chocolatiers Dandelion Chocolate~Packaging designed by Caleb Owen Everitt and Anthony Ryan.