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It's no secret. I love LARGE cat's and as the caption says these cat's behave like dog's. They love going on walks greet you with a head butt and play in the water. The only thing keeping me from owning one is that they are super expensive! 1500-2000 $ per kitten.

  • Molly Nemec

    I suggest anyone on here who's considering a wild pet, please look at this web site first: It's in central Minnesota. There's also another, larger sanctuary for wild animals (cats, bears, wolves etc) in Denver called

  • Molly Nemec

    Please follow their Facebook pages to learn what happens when people buy a wild animal from a breeder and so on. Read these animals stories, learn what has happened to them, see why these sanctuaries are needed. Then make up your minds about wild animals as pets.

  • Clover Blue

    Okay, Molly, you are clearly passionate about your ideas, but let's not insult. You chose to follow this pin, and you are just not going to get heard unless you choose a different audience. There are plenty of breeds of animals that people pay to own, are you getting nasty on Labrador pins? Bengal cats? Where does it end for you?

  • Molly Nemec

    I seriously have no clue how you could consider anything I said insulting. It just sounds like a diversion from the issues and facts. It's sad that you are okay with owning wild animals. Like before, I suggest people read up and get educated on why wild animals belong in the wild and not as pets. If one considers themselves a true lover of these wild breeds, they should be the first to know the dire consequences on society and especially on wild animals if they are domesticated.

  • Clover Blue

    The fact is, our cat is so far removed from a wild cat, four generations removed, that the coloring and markings are all that remain. We chose her because they are spunky and playful and enjoy children. She is not in any way dangerous to our family or children. Also, she is fixed and we are not breeding her. We just wanted a happy pet for our girls, which is no different than a family choosing a Labrador because they are good family pets.

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Savannah Cats. I would love one of these!

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Savannah Cat / These are soo exotic and rad looking! They are hybrids between a domestic house cat and a serval. Although I would be afraid they would be too wild and beat up Gizmo since they are probably bigger than his 10 lbs.

The Savannah was accepted by TICA for registration in 2001. This large breed cat is tall, lean and very graceful. It is also affectionate and enjoys energetic games where running and jumping are the main activities.

Savannah Cat - $4,000 - 8,000

  • Sarah Kelley

    Hahaha no... more like 16-32k

  • Ashley Bolles

    It depends on the generation Sarah. This photo isn't a Savannah, it is a Serval. Lower generations can go for for as little as $1000. We got our F4 for $1900.

A healthy kitten should have blushed gums, clear eyes and pink ears and you will buy cats that are not older than thirteen weeks old. If you want to manage a kitten then you should keep it healthy while the kitten is growing so it usually leads a lengthy and happy life. The newborn cat might require some guidance just like any pet kitten that may create a mess in the event you allow it to go roam ...

I so very badly want one of these cats one day. The cat is an 11 month old A1 Savannah and the girl is 7 years old. (for size relation) :)

I want a Savannah cat and I want it now

Delightful cat ♥