Self-adjustable eyeglasses. Developed by Dr. Joshua Silver, of the Center for Vision in the Developing World

Can Philanthropy Save the Developing World from Fatal Diseases?

The Life Of A Girl In The Developing World [INFOGRAPHIC]

Every developed country in the world provides healthcare to all citizens. Except one.

Johnson Banks has developed a new identity for Acumen, an organisation that invests in business ideas in the developing world.

"I tell them the sickness can happen to everybody. It's not your fault." -- Albert Nimely, 18, burial supervisor and hygienist at an Ebola treatment center in Liberia: (Photo: Daniel Berehulak for NYT)

German Company Develops Human Regenerator That Controls Aging ✯

Eyesight-Adjusting Screens- This prototype concept is hi-tech -- rather than having to wear glasses to see better, it lets the object adjust to your eyesight. This idea by Ryan Jongwoo Choi is called the i-Free.

Google just awarded $1M to fund development of the 'schweeb' human powered monorail system. I'd love to try one of these! More at #tech #atechpoint

A UK company called Ultrahaptics has developed a method of providing haptic feedback for holographic imagery by using ultrasonic technology.

The World's Lightest Material, developed for the Pentagon is a nickel-phosphorous 'microlattice' of interconnected hollow tubes 1/1000th the thickness of a human hair and is 99.99% air. #Material_Science #Lightest_Material

Light-Up Memo Note Timer Pins

From driverless cars to smartwatches to self-adjusting belts, here are some of the coolest gadgets we saw at CES 2015. #CES2015


The Infrared LED Pain Reliever. Using technology developed by NASA to heal astronauts' injuries, this device's 60 LEDs produce safe infrared heat to stimulate blood circulation, relieve swelling in joints, and loosen tight muscles.

Securing yourself from a world of hacks: How to Avoid the Most Common and Dangerous Passwords #security #hacking

Retractable Printer adjusts its size to your needs | Ubergizmo

50s Handset for the iPhone

I want a drumbrella!

Joggobot will hover a few feet in front of the jogger to provide encouragement. Currently under development by a team at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia, you are able to programme the helicopter via a smartphone app in order to control the kind of pace and height it will remain at.✯