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Olive Egger Chicks | So apparently, this is a much sought after thing…. and I have ended ...

Breeding the Olive Egger. Oh boy... I could have fun with this. :D

sprouting black oil sunflower seeds for winter - buy from feed store in 25lb bags. Fill jar half full & fill with water to soak for 8 hrs. drain. rinse 2x day until sprouted, then store in fridge.

Turkey breeds I may raise next year? Has a good chart for amount of feed it will take to raise turkeys to a certain weight.

Treats for Chickens - we do a lot of these, but I didn't know about the yogurt!

looks cheap and easy! for winter, just add a roof!

chicken feeder and the link shows a water version with nipples. What I like about this is the wide top opening as filling would be easier.

Mission Urben Hen: The Easter Egger "Easter Egger" hens have a good egg production, but are known for their wide variety of coloured eggs.