Hidden shelf storage using artwork....simple and really cool

DIY Project: Artwork & Secret Storage Box. Hidden drawer double tabletop.

This basket-turned-side table is a great idea for those of us who love the idea of having an old picnic basket but know that in reality we will probably never ACTUALLY use one to go on a picnic.

Thrift store frame + simple wooden box + paint and hooks.

Sewing Barefoot: Hidden Book Storage

Use an old drawer

$11....using supplies from the Dollar Store! This whole website is full of Dollar Store tutorials!

I am so stealing this idea!

Hidden pantry

meal planner and grocery list

DIY pull down table. super space saver. looks like picture on wall.

meg + bob project for xmas break

secret storage I hidden compartments

Toolbox for jewelry storage?

mason jar storage


Don’t ever buy a box spring again, and never waste the space under your bed. Some people are just genius