Border Collie herding sheep in Ireland. Had the pleasure of seeing a sheep herding demonstration while there


Sheep heading home for the shearing process. thetallestmanonearthposts: scentofapassion: Ahead to Life by Mojib Obama’s media

En mi mundo caracol.

thatkindofwoman: “ northernhinterland: “ Young & Hungry for Kinfolk Magazine. ” Never too much love for that sheep photo.


by Christian Wakolbinger. Traveling the back roads of Scotland, I was hoping to witness a roadblock of sheep' but it didn't happen

Don't you feel we are stumble through life like sheep sometimes?

Love this picture~The shepherd and his sheep in a beautiful path through the trees - Pixdaus

walk togher Isle of Mull, Scotland

infinite-paradox: Scottish Blackface Sheep (Ovis aries), ewe and lamb walking side-by-side, Isle of Mull, Scotland, Copyright Elliott Neep


Although we all endure cloudy emotions, when I take my troubles to Jesus, He lights the way I should go and brings peace to my soul.

Sheep pre-yarn bomb

Tartan Sheep - Ewe won't believe your eyes (No it's not an April Fool) Would save on having to dye the wool later :)