Put your phone in a glass to make the music loud enough to fill the room..

Summer Activity. 1/4" Mt Dew in bottle, add tiny bit of baking soda and 3 capfuls of hydrogen peroxide. Shake and it glows. Pour on sidewalk to "paint"...Who knew!? doing this this summer, this looks way too fun

10 Genius Cleaning Tips You Probably Didn't Know About #tidyhouse #cleaningtips http://www.laladecor.com/

49 Things You Haven't Thought to Use Your Camera Phone For!

Unlocking a car with a tennis ball.

Who knew? Wad up some aluminum foil and throw it in the dryer. No need for dryer sheets, and it gets off the static even better!

Frozen aloe vera bars for sunburns. Must remember for summer time. Genius!!

Make your phone pretty

How To Clean Cloudy Glasses and Glassware For Good!

How to fix a cracked iPhone.

If you have grease to get rid of, just take tin foil and put it in a bowl. When grease hardens ball it up and throw it away! GENIUS.

Amazing!!!! How have I never thought of some of these?

shut up - this is awesome!!! How to Tell How Much Propane Is Left for Your Gas Grill - CHOW Tip

How to Have Your Pictures Removed from Other Sites (and other internet privacy tips)

the perfect bow.

Night out bra. nice!

How to download music from youtube: this works. There was a live performance of a particular song I really wanted. It was better than the studio mp3. So I found the performance on youtube and followed these tips, using mediaconverter.org and converted it to an mp3. It worked.

cool crafts for teens: gotta make this!!!!!!!

monogrammed mason jars

Your iPhone won't flash constantly, but it will light up in this cool way every time you get a phone call or an alert.