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  • Amber Dayus

    Two-story home library with grand piano and a fireplace. Beauty and the Beast much?

  • Tatum

    My dream library room!!

  • Stephanie DuBois

    my DREAM room. grand piano and all.

  • Luz Marban

    My Library! Absolutely the exact one I want. . . I can tell because the doors will lead out onto the balcony where I can lounge in the sun on warm days. The shape of the room is round, therefore my Lighthouse preferences will be met. Fireplace for winter nights... Oh and the Piano... Cocktails my dear? Beauty and the Beast ?

  • Sandy Kahut

    Two-story home library with grand piano and a fireplace. Great couch, loveseat and chair set up facing the fireplace! Dream LIbrary!

  • Melissa Parker

    my dream house. seriously, grand piano and a million books. Set. For. Life.

  • Jilly Horn

    gorgeous living room has everything you need books and grand piano

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If i had a room like this i may never get anything else done but read and buy books to fill the room!!!!!

don't sleep with anyone who has no books on his walls.

in home library with ladder | Really nice and creative with different shape window

Counter above washer and dryer, perfect for folding! Love everything about this.

The structure of this room is so invigorating. The windows create a great connection between the indoors and outdoors. And I love the eclectic design elements used to transform this space.

I SOOOOOO! way this library in my dream home!! I have ALWAYS wanted this kind of room!! ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS!!!

Window seat in the kitchen. Love the yellow throw and in the pillows. Yellow paint above the windows.

Great example of mix and match that works! Though the frames are all different, the gold ties them together. Your eyes can't help but be drawn to all the colorful #framed #art.

Cynthia and Frank Goldsmith Bookshelf Lined Living Room Massive beams from an old factory in Oregon hold aloft the pitched ceiling in the living room. ... I think I would only do one wall this way. I think it would get dull after time, with just books. I'd leave room for decorations, and natural features.

so much to love...the wide arched doorway, columns, step down into living room, build-in bookshelves...the windows and French door leading out of the kitchen....just perfect!