The bunad from Hardanger is a living tradition and has evolved from a folk costume. The different regions are indicated in the detailing on the costumes. This bunad has a green silk bodies and a black woolen skirt. The white apron has inlaid embroidery, which is known as Hardanger embroidery. - Hardanger Folkemuseum, (from 1911-) in Norway

Traditional costume (bunad in Norwegian) from the Hardangerfjord region in Norway. Just love the details


Hardanger costume, Norway

"In Kautokeino in Finnmarken, Norway, the Sami folk costumes are very much influenced by trends." narrative from blog Photo by Laila Duran #Norway #PurelyInspiration

Russian folk costume


Norwegian folk costume

Hardanger Bunad


Beautiful detail -- blackwork embroidery and sølje jewelry/details on this bunad.

Norwegian bunad from Hardanger.

Bunad; traditional Norwegian dress


He reminds me of my grandfather... Hardanger Folkemuseum, Norway. The mens bunad jacket and waistcoat are made from red woolen cloth with green edging, decorated with plenty of forged silver buttons. Used on special occasions are the silver ring, watch chain, and the colorful silk scarf. The wooden goblet, like the one he is holding, was used all over all over Scandinavia.

Bunad of Oslo, Norway

hungarian folk wear

Łowicz, Poland- its my people! I actually wear the traditional polish costume a few times a year! I love Poland so much.

Oslo: The Capital of Norway. Vintage travel poster.

One of the first norwegian embroidered bunads was from Hallingdal and designed by Hulda Garborg in 1898. The bunad was made on the basis of the folk costume in the area.