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The bunad from Hardanger is a living tradition and has evolved from a folk costume. The different regions are indicated in the detailing on the costumes. This bunad has a green silk bodies and a black woolen skirt. The white apron has inlaid embroidery, which is known as Hardanger embroidery. - Hardanger Folkemuseum, (from 1911-) in Norway

Traditional costume (bunad in Norwegian) from the Hardangerfjord region in Norway. Just love the details

Lomen Stavkyrkje. The man is wearing a bunad from Valdres. The top hat is to mark the occasion. The woman is wearing a bunad from Nord-Tröndelag, Laila Duran

Norwegian folk costum from Hardanger. This is the winter bunad, in my opinion one of the finest costumes.

"In Kautokeino in Finnmarken, Norway, the Sami folk costumes are very much influenced by trends." narrative from blog Photo by Laila Duran #Norway #PurelyInspiration

the Guardianfrom the Guardian

Nowruz, rite of spring - in pictures

Tashkent, Uzbekistan: Folk dancers in national costume perform during the festivities Photograph: Anvar Ilyasov/AP

The traditional costume of Norway is called “bunad.” There are about 200 different types, each one representing a different part of the country. The word “bunad” really covers two different types of dress: The first is the traditional garb of a particular location (some of which can be traced back a long, long time – the ones used today usually represent the “fanciest”, holiday version of the dress) and a sort of “party dress” developed in the early 1900s during Norwegian national…

National Costume (Bunad) from East Telemark, Norway - Isn't she a natural beauty!!This picture is in my mind, something of a likeness when my grandfather first met my grandmother in Norway. He mentions her natural beauty and it was something he loved about her.