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Can you identify which of these two men is going to be very sorry he skipped work to play?

It's about this time that your regret not bringing the car

Brian Vu’s Eternal World | Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design

Don't dwell on problems or get upset when something doesn't go right. There is no such thing as a perfect youth ministry. Focus on what really matters: reaching and discipling kids for Christ! Tim Schmoyer

whoops | skater | boys | fun | stack | falling | street skater | action shot | www.republicofyou...

"Avery!" Ecarg called, "What are you doing?" I grinned. "Skateboarding. What are you doing?" "Thinking you're going to fall." "Im not-" "look out!" ecarg shouted a second before I slammed headfirst into a pole. ecarg ran over and held my hands. "I told you you were going to fall." He whispered. "I knew I would." I replied, head pounding. "Why did you do it then?" "I didn't care." I tried to say, but my limbs felt heavy all of a sudden, and I found myself unable to move. -- copyright Kait H.

Drop Anchors ~ shadow & light; so reminds me of my son

Imagine seeing someone fly down the street on one of these...