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    rapier lady

    A rapier, Spain, 17th century

    Fantasy Dimentions

    A beautiful cup-hilt sword in 17th Century style, Italy 19th century.

    Kabuto are a type of helmet first used by ancient Japanese warriors & later, samuri. Harikake kabuto used papier-mâché mixed with lacquer for the elaborate decoration (the shell) on an iron bowl, beginning of the Edo Period, 17th century. via wiki

    rapier fashion

    Legend of Cryptids by *alexnegrea

    i find it sad that there are so few images of warriors, man or woman, where it isn't incredibly sexual. They all have minimal clothing, sweaty and oily, just sex gods and goddesses. That's not what being a warrior is about. It's about strength, and sacrifice and fighting for what you believe in. Don't get me wrong, being sexy is something strong men and women should be proud of but your beliefs and morality are different....

    At Last! A female warrior dressed in actual, functioning armor insted of what is basically a chain mail bikini that so many lady "warriors" wear. Totally impractical and useless

    This image really shows Deaths mannerisms, just sort of hanging around waiting, but comfortably and cool, powerful but not in a hurry, confident casual.

    I love you. When I look at this, I see you,the beautiful warrior who fights for honest good with her archery skills, sword in hand, and dragon goddess love.

    Arduinna is the Gaulish Goddess of the Forest. The region of Western Europe known as the Ardennes shares her name, and was where her worship originated. Arduinna rode a wild boar through the forests, exacting a fine for animals killed there. When the Romans came to Gaul, she was associated with Diana, another forest Goddess. Arduinna’s name, which means “height,” is also seen as Ardwinna.

    Cenred, Merlin

    Women in Armor | Fantasy Armor and Lady Bits

    Concept of the Gunslinger (name not final) male, one of three new classes coming in Aion 4.0! Submit designs for his pistols and cannons to LeaveYourLegacy@n..., up to November 15!

    Even though women in englevar are not allowed to be warriors, this could still be turned masculine, or give it to the princess for ceremonial. - Elven Armor by ~Lani-Raevan on deviantART

    Arya arrives on the shores of Westeros

    Keira Knightley as Guinevere the Pict warrior. BUT she needs a breast protector that's a lil bit more useful than what she's wearing, the aim of it is to PROTECT the chest, not to show or emphasize it! If she's doing that, she might as well go bare-chested, as other Celtic women-warriors did. The middle way is objectification.

    this is one of my favorite photos, a woman warrior. God tells us to fight the good fight. Be armed with the Full armor of the Lord.

    Young Knight girl artwork -- It is not uncommon to see young women taking up arms to fight for what they believe in, particularly those who had suffered great loss after the Dolrian occupation.