Gettysburg Address

The Gettysburg Address - the greatest speech ever written.

Civil War Battles

Abraham Lincoln 1862 on the Battlefield of Antietam

Abraham Lincoln Inaugural Address

Gettysburg battlefield

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One of the most important maps of the Civil War was also one of the most visually striking: a map of the slaveholding states, which clearly illustrates the varying concentrations of slaves across the South. Abraham Lincoln loved the map and consulted it often; it even appears in a famous 1864 painting of the president and his cabinet.

Abraham Delivering the Gettysburg Address

SUNRISE STRATEGY Generals R.E. Lee, Longstreet, A.P. Hill & Col. Alexander Lutheran Theological Seminary - Gettysburg, PA - July 2, 1863

Gettysburg Address - by Norman Rockwell

Gettysburg, PA: "Life-size sculpture honoring Elizabeth Thorn, who was six months pregnant when she dug graves and buried 102 bodies after the battle. Most of her belongings were also destroyed during the battle, since her home, like all available structures, was used to house wounded soldiers. "Her baby girl was born in the fall, small and weak. Elizabeth said she never regained her full health after the battle of Gettysburg and its aftermath."

Medal of Honor Recipient Joshua Chamberlain. Hero of Gettysburg who was honored to be chosen to accept the Confederate surrender at Appomattox.

Inauguration of President Abraham Lincoln in front of the U.S. Capital building (still undergoing construction), March 4, 1861.

Jennie Wade, Civil War, the only known civilian killed at Gettysburg as a bullet came through her home while baking bread.

Gettysburg Address

Audie Murphy, one of the most highly decorated and famous soldiers (later a successful actor), spoke out candidly about his problems with PTSD (then know as "battle fatigue" or "shell shock"). He was a champion of returning Korean and Vietnam War veterans and called on the goverment to extend health care benefits to address PTSD and other mental health problems suffered by returning war veterans

April 10, 1865... just four days before his assassination.

The Angel of Gettysburg: Elizabeth Thorn | Her obituaries say merely that she witnessed the Battle of Gettysburg. ... They did not report how she did her duty in the aftermath of the battle. Working almost entirely without help, in the heat and storms of that July, among the rotting corpses of men and horses, she dug graves in the rocky soil and buried over one hundred soldiers.

Robert Todd Lincoln, son of Abraham Lincoln, attending the dedication exercises at the Lincoln Memorial (May 30, 1922).