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ca. 1860-70, [Unidentified Union officer with left hand prostheses]

[Unidentified sailor in Union uniform resting hand on American flag-draped table in front of painted backdrop showing naval scene] (LOC) by The Library of Congress, via Flickr

ca. 1861, gilded, hand colored tintype portrait of two boys "playing war", dressed in uniforms and standing in front of a amateurish, painted backdrop

Plaster Lincoln Life Mask cast by American Sculptor, Leonard Volk, April 1860. Volk later cast Lincoln's hands. His right hand was still swollen from shaking so many supporters' hands after be nominated as the Republican Party nominee. To steady his hand in the mold, Lincoln cut off a piece of a broom handle to hold for the casting. Volk later placed the piece of handle in the cast displayed here. *s*

Look at her dainty hand on the back of the chair. She's so lovely.

“Courtesy to Ladies” ~ WWII infographic on how men in uniform should treat the ladies from the Bureau of Naval Personnel Information Bulletin. Published in “All Hands Magazine”, August 1944.

Photo of Annie Oakley shooting over her back using a mirror to spot her target.

Daguerreotype button with an abolitionist motif may be one of the first political buttons made in America to incorporate a photograph. Believed to be unique, the miniature daguerreotype shows two hands held together, one black, one white, resting on a book assumed to be the Bible. The photograph is set into a two-piece gold-washed brass frame with a loop on the reverse for sewing to a garment. The case design, with its simple, raised ornamental border, is typical of the gilt-metal buttons…