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  • Barbara Taylor

    CAS - Samuel Gibbs French (November 22, 1818 – April 20, 1910) was an officer in the U.S. Army, wealthy plantation owner, author, and a major general in the Confederate army during the American Civil War. He commanded a division in the Army of Tennessee in the Western Theater.

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General Joseph Wheeler, first commander of the 19th Alabama Infantry Regiment, CSA

General Benjamin F. Cheatham CSA He served in the Army of Tennessee, inflicting many casualties on Sherman at Kennesaw Mountain, but taking the blame for General Schofield’s escape at Spring Hill, a major factor in the Confederate defeat at Franklin.

Major General John Calvin Brown, CSA (1827–1889.) In 1864, Brown fought in the Atlanta Campaign, at various times temporarily commanding a division.

Major General Henry DeLamar Clayton, Sr. CSA (1827 – 1889)

Morgan's Raiders Civil-War Images | John Hunt Morgan - CSA Brigadier General | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Brigadier General John Carpenter Carter (19 Dec 1837 – 10 Dec 1864), entered the war as a captain in the 38th Tennessee Infantry regiment and quickly became its colonel. He commanded the regiment during the Battle of Shiloh, Battle of Perryville, Battle of Stones River, Battle of Chickamauga and Atlanta Campaign. Carter was promoted to brigadier general to rank from 7 Jul 1864. He was mortally wounded during the Battle of Franklin and died in the Harrison home, 3 miles south of the battlefield.

Brigadier General Benjamin Franklin Cheatham, CSA (1820-1886)

Brigadier General James Thadeus Holtzclaw, CSA (1833-1893)

Elbert & Louisa Jemison, Wedding Picture, Talladega, Alabama 1860 census for Anderson County, Texas, has them at Tennessee Colony. He was 25 and she was 18 in 1860. No kids yet. He’ll go into the 1st Texas Infantry, shot through the lungs at Gaines Mill, shot through the hip and thigh at Sharpsburg, wounded slightly in left breast at Cold Harbor. Resigned August 19, 1864, and that’s when we think they (she moved back to Talladega for the war) moved back to their property in Texas and he picked up the reserve corps.

Brigadier General James Ronald Chalmers (11 Jan 1831 – 9 Apr 1898) was transferred to the first division of Maj. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest's cavalry corps the following year. Earning the nickname "Little 'Un'. Chalmers saw action in Confederate military operations in North Mississippi, Kentucky, and West Tennessee. He also served with the Confederate Army of Tennessee during Lt. Gen. John B. Hood's 1864 campaign. At the end of the war, he was paroled in Gainesville, Alabama, on May 10, 1865.

black sad his name is unknown. Confederate cemetery. Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Confederate Officer's Frock Coat of Captain Willis Wilkinson, Company C, 1st Regiment, South Carolina Regulars. He served on the staff of General P.G.T. Beauregard (Dept. of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida) with the defense of Charleston S.C. in charge of inspecting heavy artillery. Wilkinson later served on General Henry Heth’s Division Staff in the Army of Northern Virginia.