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    Monocot/Dicot explanation in an online lesson format



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    Monocot vs. dicot leaves: left is daylily, a monocot; right is mint, a dicot.

    Difference between a monocot & dicot (C1, Wk 8 - Science)

    C1 W8 Science Monocot Dicot

    Cycle 1 Week 8~Seed Poster


    You could use any animal toys you have - so simple but great science lesson too!

    Week 8: CCing it one day at a time...: Love ALL her Resources!

    ▶ Monocots vs Dicots Explained - 3:18 Angiosperms any plant with flowers (different than pines, ferns, etc.) have two groups; monocots & dicots. Features Monocots petals usually in multiples of 3. parallel veins in leaves, spreading roots, & stems vascular bundles spread all around. Dicots have petals in multiples of 4 or 5, net veined, classical taproots & stems have vascular bundles all around the edge.

    MIT's Layers of the Earth. Cycle 1: Week 13

    Photosynthesis simple explanation

    WK 8 - Monocot/Dicot Poster

    Week 20

    Monocot and Dicot Seeds media-2.web.brita...

    Make me Genius Earths Layers: Cycle 1: Week 13

    Diagram of Monocot/Dicot

    The Kingdom Taxonomic Card Sort Manipulative (science) serves as a quick formative assessment over the 6 Kingdoms. Depending on how you integrate it into your lesson, the activity should take no more than 10 minutes max.

    Monocot vs. Dicot (c1 w8)

    Website explaining differences between Monocot and Dicot seeds.

    ORDER UP! SCIENCE EDITIONS CONTINUE! This set of ORDER UP! focuses on the difference between chemical and physical changes. ($)

    Scientific Method Chart & Resources