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Science week 8 Diagram of Monocot/Dicot on The Great Plant Escape

Monocot vs. dicot leaves: left is daylily, a monocot; right is mint, a dicot.

Week 8: CCing it one day at a time...: Love ALL her Resources!


You could use any animal toys you have - so simple but great science lesson too! From No Time for Flash Cards.

▶ Monocots vs Dicots Explained - 3:18 Angiosperms any plant with flowers (different than pines, ferns, etc.) have two groups; monocots & dicots. Features Monocots petals usually in multiples of 3. parallel veins in leaves, spreading roots, & stems vascular bundles spread all around. Dicots have petals in multiples of 4 or 5, net veined, classical taproots & stems have vascular bundles all around the edge.

Photosynthesis free printable - great with the Gardens Unit Study! Helps visually explain this vital process to kids of all ages!

Photosynthesis song for science. My son learned it in K and he still remembers this process

Layers of Earths Atmosphere Oooh. I like this graphic too. Maybe I'll use it in 3 years when we do the atmosphere again.