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Bowman Archer Elven Tunic Surco Medieval Fantasy by armstreet, $145.00 Become a sexy medieval hero ;) x

Men's Medieval Renaissance. Male Costume.

Arsenic in the shellfrom Arsenic in the shell

steampunksteampunk: Garrett cosplay

Awesome armour (not steampunk i know but this is where the clothes seem to go)

Parti-coloured I'm not partial to the colors but I love this style. It's good for archers.

Keira & Her Corsets


Need to do something like this for outfits for myself and the Household. ALL the pieces, all from the same time period, all documentable.

Ranger Costume- too colorful and clean but still great. They have to make these books into a movie!

Ranger. Yessss! I hardly ever see ranger or Aragon cosplays! And I would really love to do one one day. Plus this costume is just epic.