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  • Steven Bell

    Medieval Tunic - Green

  • Tiffany R

    Medieval Clothing History - Bing Images

  • Alicia A. Willis

    Cool archer! Is he a peasant? Or, like Robin Hood, is he a knight in disguise?

  • Felicity Poad

    Mens outfit

  • Elaine Elizabeth

    Medieval archer

  • Jen Abbey

    Men of a lesser class wore plain tunics and/or stockings with leather boots. The tunics proved to be comfortable clothes to work in as much as the peasant did. Slits could even be added to the tunics to provide even more movement and flexibility. The tunics reach to the thighs at the least, and for men, often reached below the knees. Hoods or hats were worn to keep the sun off their heads and to keep dirt out of their head. In colder weather, it was used to keep their heads warm.

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