Peasants in the Middle Ages

Description of the creation of this kirtle, with extensive design details.

Village Hat Shop Gallery :: Chapter 7 - Medieval or Gothic Europe :: 58_G_001

Men's Medieval Shirt, laced front

Leather Jerkin - Medieval Renaissance Clothing, Costumes

Ranger. Yessss! I hardly ever see ranger or Aragon cosplays! And I would really love to do one one day. Plus this costume is just epic.

medieval clothing for men... but I would wear this around in 2013. :)

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Mens Medieval Knight Costume

medieval clothing men tunic - Google Search I like this a lot. If this and the green one could be the general style, I would love that. Also, the trim is calmer, which is good.

crazy weird jester's pants... is this the medieval equivalent of the really loud hawaiian shirts favorited by modern comedians? They're certainly laughable! medieval clothing, reenactment, SCA

The ideal shirt for the farmer, peasant, serf, rogue, renegade, outlaw, artisan, merchant, or sell sword of the high middle ages and renaiss...


This was Archer from Robin Hood BBC, but now it is Will, my second favorite character of my story. :)

Peasant Wench #1 from Hale Center Foundation for the Arts and Education - Archive Costumes Inventory. Historically accurate for the Renaissance period.

medieval clothing men tunic - Google Search I like it, maybe for Ryley. Man your characters have weird names. might be too fancy for him though. Besides, he should be in his uniform the entire time. But he could become an adviser at the end. That would make sense. He could be another step to Ashley's learning to trust people! *cheesy grin*

medieval clothing for peasants

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- women's training armor