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Owl on ginkgo branch (Scops owl under crescent moon) - Ohara Koson

The Laughing Owl, extinct 1914.

Tattoo Ideas Inspiration - Japanese Art | Ohara Koson - Swallows with Cherry Blossom, 1910

Quebec Stamp - Owl


Crows in the Snow by Ohara Koson, 1930


Koson Ohara (1877-1945), Japan

owl acrylic painting | Saatchi Online Artist: Harvin Alert; Acrylic 2011 Painting "Owl "


Vincent van Gogh

Koson Ohara "Shoson" - Groupe de hérons dans la neige 1928

Koson, Ohara (1877-1947)

Van Gogh

Watercolors by Maria Stezhko (Акварели Марии Стежко): Winter owl

Ohara Koson

geocide.deviantart.com Goddamned genius,right here.I call this one "Green-Eyed VeryClose",because of her piercing eye shown,as well as the varicosity(?) of the story and trails the slashing lines tell...Beautiful and telling,as all great art is..DIG IT!!

Lance Johnson Paintings

Folk Owl #NoelitoFlow . Repin & Like and follow here http://www.twitter.com/noelitoflow http://www.facebook.com/thisisflow http://www.instagram.com/rockstarking

Myna on Magnolia (ca. 1910) - Koson (Naga Oban)