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    Even if you're not perfect, God still loves you.

    • bailey smith

      I am a christian and that is a part of who I am. and i know that some people will try to influence me to talk about people or change my ways and even though i make mistakes and have bumps in the road with my faith, God still loves me... and dont think i have never done anything to displease God because you have and so have i... and God loves me for who i am.

    • Jenna Louise Spark

      Im not perfect. No one is. But God loves me. Because he is so amazing he would let his own son die for the people that hate him. He is full of grace and mercy for us sinners. Yes, sinners. Because we are. We sin 100 times every day and break all of Gods commandments, yet HE STILL LOVES AND FORGIVES US. Im not perfect, but God is.<3

    • Ginger O'Meara

      I'm not a perfect Christian. Sometimes I forget to be a servant. I often want to do things my way. I can be selfish. At times I've lost my faith. I'm impatient in traffic and sometimes my language isn't so clean. I fall, I fail, and I falter. It's really hard for me to love everybody, but when I stop to think about it and I take a step back, I remember how amazing life truly is and through all my imperfections GOD STILL LOVES ME

    • Emily Jo

      im not looking for you to like me because i already know God Loves Me :)

    • EnchantingEmm

      I'm not perfect but God loves me and He loves you too!

    • Sierra Albus

      even so I know that God loves me.

    • Danielle Wright

      God ❤'s me!

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    God still loves me!

    So true. It's okay to not be okay! But you are too loved by God for Him to leave you that way. :)


    some truth..... god wants you to act like jesus did which if you actually do you "look" christian on the outside.


    Isaiah 41:10 - my favorite bible verse... Thank you. You have no idea how this seems to come directly from God for me tonight.

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    Religion says, “God will love you IF…” / Jesus says, “God so loved…” Read Jefferson Bethke's devotional and enter for a chance to win his book "Jesus > Religion" here:

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    So me.

    When In Doubt Mumble from 55 Hi's.

    I know that when I go out in to the world after college people will judge me because of my faith. I realize that a lot of people believe that christians are self righteous hypocrites and that I will have to prove through my actions that I do not think I am better than others. This is difficult sometimes because it's an inclination of human nature to think that you are better than other people. I will have to show my co-workers and employers that this quote is true in order to gain their respect.

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    God loves and uses imperfect people. We all make mistakes. But because Jesus died and rose from the grave, every mistake we will make or ever make has been paid in full. Don’t let shame and guilt keep you from receiving God’s love any longer.

    Thank you God

    God knows my heart