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robots dancing in the night — CATCHITECTURE

what someone from LA looks like when it dips below 60 degrees.

"But I not sittin' on yer couch; I's be on de wood part."

That's pretty sleepy when you fall asleep washing your little face!

"We all need someone we can dream on. If you want to, baby, you can dream on me." --Mick Jagger and Keith Richards

Hoodie cat ~ Oh my. This cat looks as if it's just waiting on the opportunity to run right out of that hoodie. hahaa!

dear god....I knew they walked around like this when I'm not home.

Dump A Day Even More Funny Pictures! - 54 Pics

black cat - in celtic mythology some believe that there is a witch known as "Cat Sìth" who can take on the form of a black cat nine times...

Kitten and purple flowers. Support "Southern California Cat Adoption Tails" www.catadoptionta....