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  • Debby Ruiz

    Thank you God, Amen.

  • Deeanncathrine Duplaw

    Thank you Farher for keeping my family and keeping me safe please be with the families in Oklahoma who have lost their loved ones and their homes please give them the strength they need to rebuild their homes and their lives In these things I ask In Jesus name amen

  • Irma Valle-Gallegos

    Dear God quotes quote god religious quotes faith pray religious quote religion quotes religion quote

  • Amaris Jane

    Have you thanked God lately? #motivation #inspiration #encouragement #wisdom #truth #fitness #workout #fitgirls #bodybuilding #crossfit #bikini #aesthetics #summer #spring #life #love #friends #family #yoga #quotes #travel #adventure #model #NYC #qotd #Christian #faith

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mmmkay, someone wants to lend weight to a traditionally undervalued and somewhat low self esteem profession :) set in helvetica?

''All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother.''

I just decided this for myself, and am making some big life changing choices because of it!

And Then We Saved | Page 33 of 105 | Saving Where We Can, So We Can Spend Where We Want.

Simplicity is beautiful. Transcendentalism is about living simply and not about having the lavish and most luxurious things. Be grateful for everything you have because there are others who do not have those things that we take for granted. It's not always about the riches and lavish life, it's about being simple and using everything to your resources

Each day I'm going to pick a picture and explain. Day 1 4614, I realize how blessed and grateful I am for my life, just have patiances :)

loveliegreenie: Photo! Aline for thanking God for everything!

love your life.

a good reminder to be thankful, grateful, and content with everyday. You never know what tomorrow may bring!!

Whether by choice or not, this is our life. So grateful to the One, who is the I AM, that holds all the other details in hands much more wise and capable than mine!