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    Percheron - Dappled - I would love our some-day pulling pair to be beautiful Percherons like this!

    Horses greet each other by breathing into one anothers noses. This horse is clearly trying to greet us!

    Percheron (by julie.m)

    This is form an article entitled "Draft Horse for Sale." Unfortunatly, it's just a general information article not offering this beauty for sale.

    percheron beauty - Mark's great great granddad brought one over from France

    Percheron... use to ride one named babe..my favorite horse to ride.. :)

    Two of my favorite things, a carousel horse that happens to be a Percheron :)

    Percheron - I first saw a young Percheron at the county fair. When they turned slowly to look at me, the words "have you ever seen a dream walking" came to mind. Now I go every year to see them.