The Most Haunted Homes in America

Amityville.....this house is on the market again

The perfect haunted house

Enjoy a collection of thirty chilling true ghost stories from around America. “True Horror Stories” are perfect stories for a camping trip in the dark woods. Tell these stories at bedtime for the ghost lover in your family. Or test the stories on the biggest skeptic. It is all up to you!

Haunted Sachs Bridge. One of the many haunted places located in Gettysburg, PA.

HAUNTED - Home of Blackbeard in Beaufort, NC. This place was once the home of Blackbeard and the ghosts that haunt this home were some of his victims. Reports of balls of light, a girl crying, and blood stains that can`t be washed away.

Haunted House Party :: Tombstone Yard

The 50 Scariest Haunted Houses in America - Whispers Estate

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Prospect Place (Ohio) is one of the most haunted houses in America and can be toured. Read about it in A Ghost Hunter's Guide to the Most Haunted Houses in America by Terrance Zepke,

The McPike Mansion is listed as one of the most historic and haunted places in America...a.k.a. the Scooby House.

Greyfriar Cemetery, Edinburgh. Probably the world’s most dangerous graveyard, Greyfriar is so renowned for its violent paranormal activity that it was made inaccessible to tourists. ( THIS is scary. <grin>)

could this house be haunted?

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The Whaley House. According to "Americas Most Haunted", the house is the #1 most haunted house in the US.

15 of the spookiest Haunted House Attractions in the States.

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Meet the Summerwind Mansion, Wisconsin's most haunted house. #haunted #roadtrippers

America's Most Haunted Places: Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO