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Beaufort Nc

Carolina Beaufort

HAUNTED - Home of Blackbeard in Beaufort, NC. This place was once the home of Blackbeard and the ghosts that haunt this home were some of his victims. Reports of balls of light, a girl crying, and blood stains that can`t be washed away.

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Enjoy a collection of thirty chilling true ghost stories from around America. “True Horror Stories” are perfect stories for a camping trip in the dark woods. Tell these stories at bedtime for the ghost lover in your family. Or test the stories on the biggest skeptic. It is all up to you!

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Roadtrippersfrom Roadtrippers

Welcome to the Summerwind Mansion: An abandoned hotbed of demonic possession

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Meet the Summerwind Mansion, Wisconsin's most haunted house. #haunted #roadtrippers

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check {x}

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The McPike Mansion is listed as one of the most historic and haunted places in America...a.k.a. the Scooby House.

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Southington Ct

The Haunting in Connecticut House, built in 1916 it served as a funeral home in 1936 until some time in the 80's. In 1986 the Snedeker family moved there to be close to the hospital treating their oldest son for Hodgkin's disease. Over the next couple of years they experienced a great deal of paranormal activity and eventually contacted the Warrens for help, which led to an exorcism of the house. No one knows what caused haunting, though many believe that it was its history as a funeral…

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The Emlen Physick Mansion in Cape May, New Jersey. Probably one of the most active haunted houses in the United States. Since the last family member died in 1935, no one has been able to live in the house for more than a few months. The mansion has since been restored and, luckily for lovers of the paranormal, is now open year around as a museum. The dead, definitely do not rest at the Physick Estate.

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ooooooooooo another of my favourite:: notenboom. mmmmm

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The Old Burying Point in what is perhaps America's most haunted town, Salem, MA...

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NY Daily Newsfrom NY Daily News

Don't go in the house! - slide 16

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I LOVE haunted places. I believe this is in Texas?

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