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Absolutely beautiful antique sterling silver spoons! Photo by Diana Frey

T a b l e w a r that a berry spoon?

I wish I had.....beautiful old mother of pearl handles on knives and forks...

There's something comforting about old tableware ..what tales they might tell

10 yard roll of black and white striped wired ribbon. $32.00, via Etsy.

Nothing better than A collection of Hotel Silver. Planning dinner

"Live now, enjoy Life now! Love now, for this now is the precious moment that is creating our lives. Each now is unique -- it won’t come back in time. In it we leave a footprint, and within that impression are the actions we leave behind. Each step we take, we leave a mark. The path is created by the steps a person takes while walking it." — Jacqueline Ripstein

I just bought a lovely selection of vintage silverware, so I'm particularly loving this photo