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    How To Fix a Slow Draining Sink

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    • Katie Milbach

      How To Fix a Slow Draining Sink 1/2 cup baking soda down drain 1/2 cup white vinegar down drain Watch fiz for a minute Whole tea kettle of boiling water down drain

    • Holly Kibbe

      How To Fix a Slow Draining Sink | Boiling water, baking soda and vinegar (1/2 c each). Put ingredients in drain. Then pour the water in.

    • Nina Burrow

      Our sink has been draining very slowly for months; but, complete laziness has kept us from doing anything about it. Last night when we were brushing our teeth, we realized that we'd let it all go too far. So, today, armed with a tea kettle, a Q-tip, a box of baking soda, and a bottle of white vinegar, we got to work...

    • Candace Ace

      Unclog you sink: Baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water. I just did this and it definitely worked!

    • Carrie G Ridgeway

      To clear a slow drain: Set a full tea kettle on the stove to boil. Dry out sink w/ a rag. Now, measure 1/2 C. baking soda & dump it down the drain. If the sink stopper is in the way, use a spoon handle or Q-tip to push the majority of the baking soda down the drain. After the baking soda, measure 1/2 C. white vinegar & dump that down the drain. Admire the fizzing for a minute or two. Then pour the boiling water down the drain. I can't believe it, but this really worked!! cgr

    • Sue M

      Note: this might not work if clog is hair -- Boil water. Dry sink with a rag. Pour 1/2 cup baking soda and some salt down the drain. Use Q-tip to push baking soda down drain. Then pour 1/2 cup white vinegar down drain. It will be fizz. Carefully pour whole kettle of boiling water down drain. Turn on tap and flush. Repeat if necessary. Very bad clog - hot water, baking soda/salt, leave overnight, vinegar next morning. When fizz stops, pour hot water. -- if all else fails, 2 litre Coke in one go.

    • Lynn Dybphandal

      How To Fix a Slow Draining Sink | Apartment Therapy. Totally worked! -lo

    • Holly Prze

      How To Fix a Slow Draining Sink Just tried it. Totally worked. Hp

    • Maria Prus

      How to: Naturally Unclog the Bathroom Sink

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