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Hahahahahaha I laughed so hard I cried and then I thought I could move on but I would look at the computer and start laughing again! hahahahah

Cinderella possible translation error

HaHaHa!! FUNny for A President's Day Party:) I'm sure they had senses of humor, right?

My heart smiles when this happens.... Lmao really is the best feeling ever!

hah! Mad makes this face all the time, and whispers like a little demon at the same time. cracks me up.

funny joke: u say: OMG DID U HEAR?? some actress got accosted in central park!! Yah like... uh blonde? Shes really famous!! I think she was stabbed!! Uh.. Reese something? they say: Witherspoon? u say: No! With a knife probably :)

This really isn't that funny but I'm laughing!!! The more I look at it the more I laugh!

I debated repinning this; but then couldn't quit snickering because I know 2 gals who this could have been!

Who would date someone like this?? Embarrassing! Do guys even realize that this is a sign that one is ready and willing...It's a sign of the prison b**** for criminals serving time. Stupid guys think it's SWAG. Where the hell is this boy's mother? LMAO - Parenting Boys - Child Raising - Raising Boys - Parenting - Parenting 101

I don't know if I'm just tired or if this stuff is actually funny because I cannot stop laughing

Don't know why this made me laugh so hard