• devon

    Billy Burke portrays Bella's dad Charlie Swan to perfection in "The Twilight Saga" movies......

  • Caitlin Seymour

    Billy Burke (Miles Matheson, Revolution. Charlie Swan, Twilight Series)

  • Connie Neal

    Billy Burke - you know you're getting older when you think the Dad of the main character in a movie is hot, eye candy, not the main characters

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Billy Burke...yes I see the resemblance a bit to my ex (a bit), my kids do too every time we watch a twilight episode...(i think it is the character and the mustache that reminds us the most.)

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Billy Burke - Ray (Fifty shades Trilogy)

Billy Burke makes a run for it in #Revolution! Just watched online. I think if you like The Hunger Games you'll like this.

Billy Burke I don't know why, but I just love him! Especially in Revolution :)

Im talkin Rizzoli & Isles, Billy Burke, not Twilight.

Billy Burke aka Charlie Swan. Steals every single scene he is in -- all four Twilight movies.

Jackson Rathbone: No one should be allowed to be this good looking! I mean, seriously!

"Bella never smiles"....umm, okay? Guess that's not true after all! ;-)

bella swan, kinda weird they didn't put cullen, but it makes sense either way

Bill Nighy should be in every movie Sophia_nichole ahahahahhahqhahahahhahaha!!!!1