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High-Minded Chandelier -

High-Minded Chandelier -

High-Minded Chandelier -

Add lace to your window with cornstarch. Iron your lace and cut to fit. Mix 2 tbsp cornstarch with about an equal amount of cold water, then mix that in about a cup and a half of boiling water. Paint a thick layer on the window pane. Then apply another thick layer on top using random brush strokes being sure to get all the corners. To remove it, you just wash it off with warm water,

Timber Table

Pazzele luftbalonger2

Bricks painted to look like books in the garden.

Dollar store vases, branches, water, and floating candles.

Entry way. This is exactly what I want to do. You can change the chalkboard for all occasions!

Bookshelf staircase.

I WILL DO THIS. Someday. :)

Staircase as books. Love it too much. Would be perfect if the steps led to a personal library! #keepinmindforfuturehome

World Map Wallpaper--love, Love, LOVE


old map, old frame, round and perfect

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Fairy lights and photo hooks to brighten up the place.

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Knitted lamps

Use your favorite fabric to make this no sew Relaxed Roman Shade window treatment. {} #windowtreatments #DIY #nosew