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    Congratulations on successfully performing a basic task of life which the rest of the world performs daily and without expectation of praise.

    That's it? Three likes and one comment? That shit was brilliant, people. BRILLIANT.

    Facebook is not a clothesline. Be a Dear and air your dirty laundry elsewhere.

    ...or any of your kids, no matter their age. I'm far more interested in YOUR life than your kids' lives... where'd it go? #childfree

    there's a couple of people I could send this to...

    "He's SO cute! Can he have a sucker?" ( sez cashier while waving said sucker in face of three- year-old." So glad these days are past!!!!

    November...The month where people who have complained on Facebook for the past 11 months become thankful for 30 days.

    I hate it when couples have a little fight & then change their Facebook status to "single." I fight with my parents, and don't change my status to "orphan."

    It's why I always look at people's tagged photos, thats the true them (:

    Funny Baby Ecard: Oh, that's cute that you let your kid get away with everything. Won't be cute when he is 28 and still living in your basement.

    Stop asking me to repost your post to prove that I read your post, or that I hate cancer, love Jesus, think your cat is cute, or agree with your politics!

    Pinterest makes me like people Ive never met... Facebook makes me dislike people I know in real life.