Fort Sill, OK

medicine bluff at fort sill oklahoma | Welcome to Fort Sill, Oklahoma in Lawton, Oklahoma

fort sill oklahoma

Geronimo's Grave, Fort Sill

Fort Sill, Lawton, OK -- The Fort Sill Historic Landmark & Museum is a 19th century frontier army post consisting of 50 buildings and the grounds surrounding them. Fort Sill is perhaps best known as the home of Geronimo during his later years and is also an operating Army military base, home of the Field Artillery. Geronimo and Quanah Parker are buried in the post cemetery.

Lawton/Ft. Sill, OK


Tower Theatre........ Oklahoma City,Oklahoma


oklahoma sky


Charcoal Oven Hamburgers ...Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Outdoor Symbolic Memorial at the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Wormy Dog Saloon...Bricktown..Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Home sweet home! I'll always be an Oklahoma girl!

University of Oklahoma

Oklahoma State Capitol Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Braum's Giant Milk Bottle.....Oklahoma City Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma SkyBridge.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma